A preaching organisation for you

This site is being created by the Belgian Christadelphians to bring people to the insight of the need to come to God.

The Adonai Most High Creator, Divine Maker of all things wants to have a good relationship with His creatures.

As a preaching organisation, we may be very limited but that should not withhold you from coming along and sharing your thoughts and feelings or letting us guide you to the possibility to find inner peace and better times in the future.

If we are finding the right way to live and communicate with each other, using the right language we shall be able to make ourselves a better world, all living in peace.

In this world, many languages are spoken. Human beings should be able to communicate with each other, using a language they both can understand and signs we all can interpret right.

We have our formal, body, pictorial, technical or business language and next to it, we do like to have our spiritual and/or Biblical language and are aware there can be ordinary, foul, vile but also very inappropriate language and a speaking of the language of heaven.

English: A modern Arabic Quran with Persian tr...
A modern Arabic Quran with Persian translation in Iran. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some are convinced that the language of heaven is only in Arabic whilst others say it is only in English. Those claiming that the Holy Scriptures can only be the Arabic Quran or the English King James Authorised Version are both wrong.

The Almighty God, who is a loving God, did not only gave His Word in Arabic, Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek and English for those who had to know those languages to read the Word of God.

Quran with Chinese translation recorded in bot...
Quran with Chinese translation recorded in both Arabic and Chinese scripts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Allah or God is a title given to high persons. The Most High Almighty God of gods has a Holy Name and want to be known by that name all over the world, not only in certain language areas. Lots of people forget to see the difference of a name and a title. Go has only one name but many titles and several given names or forenames. In case your mother tongue is not English please do know that the God of gods has taken care that in your own language you shall be able to find a good Bible translation which shall be able to bring you closer to God. In those books you may find several titles, which may sound different in other languages. Even the names may sound different, but what matters is that you come to know about who is being spoken and Who is the Most Important Divine Creator.

Our aim is that more people from all over the world, from different cultures, will get to know the Supreme Being the One Which we all should honour and worship and be thankful for that He gives us our daily food.

In 2011 the Authorised King James version celebrated its 400th anniversary
In 2011 the Authorised King James version celebrated its 400th anniversary


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