The Bible an exciting gift

In the previous writings we saw that the Divine Creator gave His Word to the world so that people could come to know Him.

The Bible is a gift from God. It gives us information that we can’t find anywhere else. For example, it tells us that God created the heavens, the earth, and the first man and woman. It gives us principles that can help us when we have problems. In the Bible, we learn how God will accomplish his purpose to make the earth a better place. The Bible is such an exciting gift!

The Bible is “inspired of God.” (Read 2 Timothy 3:16.) But some may think,

‘The Bible was written by men, so how can it be from God?’

The Bible answers:

“Men spoke from God as they were moved [or, guided] by holy spirit.” (2 Peter 1:21)

This is similar to a businessman telling his secretary to write a letter. Who is the author of the letter? It is the businessman, not the secretary. In the same way, the Author of the Bible is God, not the men he used to write it. God guided them to write his thoughts. The Bible really is “the word of God.”​—1 Thessalonians 2:13

The Bible is

“inspired of God and beneficial for teaching, for reproving, for setting things straight.” (2 Timothy 3:16)

Even when it is an assembly of old writings which took more than 1,600 years to write, by writers who lived at different times it is still a today book. Even though there were different writers, all parts of the Bible agree and all books show their unity and their consistency. It doesn’t say one thing in one chapter and the opposite in another

Even being an old book, the Bible’s advice is helpful for us today. Jehovah knows how we are made, so He understands how we think and feel. He knows us better than we know ourselves, and He wants us to be happy. He knows what is good for us and what is bad for us.

Many people think that God doesn’t care about us. They feel that if God really cared, the world would be very different. We see war, hatred, and misery everywhere. People get sick, they suffer, and they die. Some wonder,

‘If God cares about us, why doesn’t he stop all this suffering?’

If you “keep on seeking,” you will find the answers and reason for the “going of things” in the Bible. (Proverbs 2:1-5) You shall be able to come to know why we encounter so man problems. But you shall also be able to come to see that the Creator of this all has foreseen solutions and has proved answers for our many questions.  What you learn from those ancient writings will give you a happier life right now and a wonderful hope for the future.

12 thoughts on “The Bible an exciting gift

  1. After studying with Rabbi Gordon , for many years, ( first in Hebrew then in English, we learn that it is a sin to call the Father a Pagan, Heathen. name, God. A intense study in Hebrew brings us to the facts Abraham, Issac, Jacob never ,ever once called the Father, God !!!!


    Eloheim, the Angels , who are 1,000 times more intelligent than mankind will not allow puny little man to blaspheme The Name so they made the Catholics write the KJV, so that all now blaspheme the wrong name !!
    Check out the first commandment to have no other god before me !!

    Torah expressly says you are cursed if you repeatedly call Him God, Or Lord !!

    By the way Rabbi Yahshua Moshiach of Nazereth should never be called Jesus, or Christ , or Jesus Christ !!
    Eloheim hate mankind for the way they treat the Father and Son !! The understanding work of the Angels in Malachi is to judge and destroy mankind,!!

    As an ex Christadelphian, I found out that the commandment I followed faithfully for thirty years
    was horribly wrong !! It does not say THOU SHALT NOT KILL !! …… What ??

    When you study Hebrew with a Rabbi. the original says THOU SHALL NOT COMMIT MURDER!!
    Totally different than English.
    Proving to me the cursed nature of Christadelphians.
    King James was a horrible Catholic who murdered thousands of Protestants for the Pope !!
    He commissioned only Catholics to write the KJV. English is a bastard language derived from
    Latin, German,,, Celtic, French, etc.
    Yahweh speaks Hebrew, reads Hebrew, writes in Hebrew !!
    Rabbi Yashua, Moshiach, reads Hebrew, writes Hebrew, speaks Hebrew. Eloheim, the Angels write in Hebrew, read Hebrew speak Hebrew. WHY???

    There will be no English spoken in the kingdom, for we are told that all will speak Hebrew !!
    After learning these facts it was time for me to study in Hebrew with a Rabbi aka Google it !!
    I found out that , ever time I read the word law in English I was wrong !!
    It is supposed to say TORAH which is totally different. Of course this means all the commandments in the first five books , 613 rules to live by, not laws.
    There are aprox. 300 positive rules, 200 negative rules, 96 CURSES .

    It is not the seventh day as the rule stipulates.
    To think you can replace Judaism, is further proof to me, that those hollow words ,that you are the saints and the truth ,prove again of the curses taking effect in the body.


    If anyone responds I have much more proof that Judaism is the answer.
    Sin cerley Elvispelvis 888


    1. שָׁלוֹם


      The Elohim Hashem Jehovah, is a god, as there are many gods and idols. In case you would use the title of god or elohim as a name we totally agree that would be wrong. That is the reason why we ask people to use God’s Name (Jehovah) which is sacred, set apart or holy and which should be considered special.

      As you say the first commandment is very clearly telling us we may have no other gods before Jehovah, Who is the Most High God above all gods.

      Concerning the name “Jesus Christ” we are very aware that is a wrong name introduced in later centuries, when the Catholic Church agreed to accept the Jewish Rabbi Yahshua or Jeshua the Messiah or Moshiach of Nazareth his name transferred to “Issou” or “Hail Zeus“, which is naturally an abomination in the eyes of God. But we have to be aware that most people now came customised to that awful name. In case you would look closer at our writings you would come to see that we prefer the original name of that rebbe, in contemporary spelling Jeshua (from Yeshua, the nickname for Yahushua.

      You write incorrectly

      “Rabbi Yashua, Moshiach, reads Hebrew, writes Hebrew, speaks Hebrew.”

      Jeshua his mothertongue was Aramaic, though he also spoke Hebrew and probably also Arabic. But for sure he did not only speak Hebrew, but more Aramaic.

      We, as Christadelphians never claimed or would claim that “There will be only English spoken in the kingdom”. We do not know where you got this impression! (?!?) We ourselves are Christadelphians who speak Dutch, French, German, Yiddish, Hebrew, Aramaic, Spanish, Italian but yes, also English. But we never claimed or indicated that English would be the national or main language in the Kingdom of God.

      You say that you have proof that we as Brothers in Christ have a cursed nature, and do as if we as Christadelphians would say only the .
      King James Bible would be the right and only Bible translation to use; Clearly, this indicates how bad you know us. We advise also to read the articles where Christadelphians go in against those Only King James Bible people.

      You also should visit some ecclesiae, where you could see we, as serious Bible Students, use lots of different Bible translations. In our Belgian ecclesiae we are accustomed to have next to each person his preferred Bible translation or standard Bible, every year one other Bible translation to read from and to compare with other translations in the Bible Study evening or day.

      By the way, you seem to indicate we are using only a Catholic Bible, but we are using as standard referral Bibles Jewish Bibles, namely the Tanakh (in Hebrew and Aramaic, and in translations from Hebrew by Jewish scholars from different Jewish denominations) as well as the New World Translation and Reference Bible translations in different languages, the Nazarene Commentary, and several protestant as well as Catholic Bible translations, like Canusius, Willibrord, Keulers, Patmos, next to CJP, Complete Jewish Bible, Orthodox Jewish Bible, Jewish Bible, Aramaic Bible, Netzari Aramaic Bible, De Geschriften, De Boeken van het Oude Testament, De Boeken van het Nieuwe Testament, De Staten Vertaling, DVSV, several Luther and Calvin translations, HNSV, The Scriptures, Halleluya Scriptures, Nieuwe Bijbel Vertaling, Naardense Bijbel, Tekst voor Tekst, NIV, NAS, NAB, AMP, ESV, Diaglot, RNV, ESRV, The Word and many others. So we are not restricted at all to one particular Bible translation like you insinuate.

      You give the impression that you do not seem to know the difference between “law” and “the Law” and “Jehovah’s Law” or “The Torah” and “the Torah”. Though you seem to recognise the difference between rules and regulations, like the ones given in the Pentateuch.

      Again by mentioning that we would only worship on Sunday you give an indication you do not know at all the Christadelphians, who say every day is a day to worship the Elohim Hashem Jehovah. Our community has never been restricted to services only on Sunday or demanding from its members to gather on Sunday for mass or something like that. You seem to confuse us with Catholics and other protestant groups which claim people have to go to Sunday mass or Sunday service. We have services of Breaking of Bread on any day of the seven days of a week. We also consider the Sabbath as the period from Friday sundown to Saturday sundown, and as such do not do, like certain Messianic groups which say people have to celebrate Sabbath but have their service on Saturday afternoon, which for most part of the year is not Sabbath at all but the day after Sabbath, even when it is still on Saturday.

      Furthermore, you write

      “To think you can replace Judaism, is further proof to me, that those hollow words, that you are the saints and the truth, prove again of the curses taking effect in the body.”

      Never, but Never, we aim(ed) to replace Judaism. Again you seem to forget that Christadelphians just point to the fact that Jehudiem are the chosen people and that they always shall have a preferred place, higher than goyim.
      That is also the reason why the Jewish Christadelphians or Jeshuaists keep following their Jewish, by the Elohim given, holy or set-apart days, of which we also celebrate some, and do not participate at those heathen festivals of Christmas and Easter.

      You may believe Judaism is the answer. And it might well be for you. We can only find it a pity you do not want to recognise Jeshua as your saviour. A pity you are still waiting for a Moshiach, though we do believe he has already come once and shall return soon.
      Perhaps you’ll have have to go to look for some Jews or Jeshuaists, who as Jews have found that the Nazarene rebbe Jeshua is the sent one from God, who has died at the stake for breaking the curse of death, by paying the ransom.

      You would love to undermine our answering by indicating that when we answer this would give the full proof to our readers that you are right and that we want to undermine Judaism.
      You write

      “If anyone responds I have much more proof that Judaism is the answer.”

      We do hope our response may make it clear to you and to the readers coming along this website, that we value the Jewish People very highly and realize that they are once and for all the Elected People of God. Judaism belongs to those born in line from times immemorial. Those coming forth from the line of Abraham can be proud to be a Jew. Those who come from the heathen, when they let themselves circumcise, like you then should have done when claiming Judaism is the only way, according to some Jewish group can become Jehude, whilst other Jewish group refuse to accept such people in the Jewish community.
      As Christadelphians or Brothers in Christ we are convinced somebody who wants to come to God and wants to become a Child of God, does not have to undergo circumsission. We also do not believe someone who wants to love God and wants to become part of His Reign, should be able to speak Hebrew. Nomatter what language a person speaks, he or she shall always be welcome by the heavenly Father, Whose gates to His Kingdom are open for all those who want to live according His Laws.

      It is great that you managed to learn Hebrew and that you can speak and write it well. But know that is not what is going to bring into God’s Kingdom. There is a lot more what is necessary to become accepted. Christadelphians als never claim a person has to be a Chrisadelphian or this or that to enter God’s Kingdom, like so many other religous groups tell people they are the only right ones and that you should be part of their denomination otherwise you would be doomed. Not by or for the Christadelphians. We believe it is up to the son of God to judge if a person is rightous or not to enter the narrow gate of the Kingdom of God, and we believe whatever your skincolour, whatever culture, whatever language you know or speak and write, you too can make a chance to enter that Kingdom by accepting Jeshua as the sent one from God and by keeping to his and his heavenly father’s regulations, living according to the Law of God.

      Hopefully our reply shall give you some food for thought and we do hope you shall find a good way to prepare yourself for when the Last Day shall come.
      That God may bless you and guide you.


      1. Gentleman:
        Sorry for delay my laptop fried now under repair.
        Thx for reply . Rabbi yashuah moshiach
        Is the only way ! I did not abandon the truth and light.
        All those who worship on Sunday break the seven day commandment and are spiritually dead and blind.
        Until you study at the feet of the rabbi s
        Teaching Torah in Hebrew then english
        You can not hear me !!
        Rabbi yashuah moshiach taught his followers to adhere to Torah yet you reject this so I left after 35 years!
        Since you reject Malachi 10% to the widows orphans strangers you are cursed with a curse your doors are closing and you are losing your children!!


    2. Dear Elvis,

      Incredible you, as a male adult, were not afraid to have your foreskin of your penis being cut in public. But do you sincerely think all heathen and other believing people should let this happen, to become accepted by God?

      In my opinion that order to be circumcised does not count for those who are not of the tribes of the Hebrew fathers or Hebrew kings. Though naturally one can only belong to Judaism when one undergoes all the regulations and agrees to keep all the mitzvah.

      When God brought division in the language of people, it also would surprise me that He would only accept people in His Kingdom who speak Hebrew.
      Where do you get such an idea from?

      Your idea about Christadelphians looks more that in case you were once a Christadelphian, either you belonged to a Very conservative or fundamentalist group somewhere in isolation, And never took the opportunity to learn more about Christadelphianism. Or either you have never been part of Christadelphia but caught some rumours of those who are against Christadelphians and just followed their sayings without ever checking how they really are or what they really believe.

      I would love to know to which ecclesia from which Christadelphian denomination you belonged and if you grew up in a Christadelphian family, got baptised and then what were the reasons you left your community.

      Please do know:
      Me replying to you is also not in agreement, neither a proof that I or other Christadelphian brothers and/or sisters would preach a Replacement Theology.


    3. You write “ As an ex Christadelphian, I found out that the commandment I followed faithfully for thirty years
      was horribly wrong !! It does not say THOU SHALT NOT KILL !! …… What ??

      When you study Hebrew with a Rabbi. the original says THOU SHALL NOT COMMIT MURDER!!
      Totally different than English.
      Proving to me the cursed nature of Christadelphians.” as if it are Christadelphians who are responsible for the King James Bible translation and doing as if Christadelphians only take that old and at certain places not so correctly translated Authorised Version as the only to read and to follow Bible translation.

      You should know Christadelphians have nothing to do with the translation of that Bible Version, even when we ourself publicise and distribute some King James Versions.


    4. Dear Elvis,

      some days have past now after we tried to give a reasonable answer to your accusation of Christadelphians so called bringing a replacement theology.

      From our site we defended ourselves, but we, like Mr. Ampe also posed some questions on which we would have loved to see an answer by you. Perhaps you are not able to answer those questions, but it would still be nice then to let us know.

      The circumcision is often and in many denominations is big matter of confusion as well as of debate.


      Out of curiosity, we went looking into the register of baptised members of our community. In our branch, we found several people with the name Scott, some in Birmingham (U.K.), Orlando (U.S.A.), Kemps Kreek (Australia), Cumberland, Adelaide (Aus.) and Enfield, Adelaide (Aus.), so we wonder in which denomination you were baptised and to which ecclesia you belonged. Perhaps there have been some misunderstandings about the teachings in your community. We would love to clarify some matters which do not seem so clear or which you would think we teach and which would not be according to the Bible.

      For the fairness of our defence, we hope you will give us a fair chance to defend us and to state our views.


      1. Craig Scott

        Gentlemen Sorry my laptop fried on me so I could not answer . Who said anything about circumcision? You make up a lie them tell me I am wrong for following a stupid law!!

        All those who worship on Sunday wrong day praying to God wrong name pagan In the name of Jesus Christ wrong name Heap to themselves spiritual death blindness!! Rabbi Paul followed Torah! Rabbi yuahshuah moshiach of Nazareth Taught his followers to follow Hebrew Torah yet you reject this ! So I left people who blaspheme the name bringing curses ! Why do you break the seven day commandment ?



        1. Dear Elvis
          wherever did we say you were or are “wrong for following a stupid law!! “???!

          The writers who replied to your remark, with good reason asked where you were a Christadelphian, because it looks you have a different idea of who and when Christadelphians would worship.

          We say you may worship God every day, which is not against any Torah teaching. Concerning the Sabbath or Shabbes we are telling people that there are Sabbatarians, Messianics and or other people who say you have to keep Sabbath but have their worship service on Saturday afternoon and as such not on the Sabbath for most part of the year because, it is then at a time the sun went already down. For us the Sabbath is from Friday evening when the sun went down until Saturday sunset. When people hold their service later, this is not a Sabbath service in our eyes. And this is according all Hebrew or Judaic tradition, so not against the Law of Moses or Torat Moshe either nor against God’s Law in general. Christadelphians have always said people should fulfil the Law. Therefore, we wonder which denomination of Christadelphians you were a member of, in case they taught otherwise.

          That we say you can pray to God and praise God any moment of the day is also not against the Law of Moses neither against the Will of God. We should have a prayerful relation with God all the time and not only on the Sabbath. Jesus also agreed with that and called those who only let themselves be seen at the Sabbath service hypocrites, because when the rest of the time you do not serve God and do things against the Will of God one can not be called a Child of God.

          Concerning the use of the name “Jesus”, we do agree that is a pagan name, and we would prefer that all people would use the proper name of Jesus, namely Jeshua and not the name which comes from Issou (Jesus) which means “Hail Zeus“. Please do find the many articles by Christadelphians written about the wrong name introduced in many languages. We are fully aware that mainly English, American and Australian Christadelphians prefer using the English “raped names”, but what can we do against those old traditions and the need to connect with the majority of people who only know those false and Anglicised names. We even regret there are people who think all those English names of the Biblical character are the only right names.

          We are sure there cannot be found real Christadelphians who would deny Rabbi Paul followed Torah! We for sure always have said the apostle Paul like the other apostles were Jews who kept to the Jewish traditions and rules. We also said this about the Nazarene Jeshua Ben Josef, in most English countries better knwon by the wrong Anglicised name Jesus, Rabbi yuahshuah moshiach of Nazareth Taught his followers to follow Hebrew Torah. Where do you get it from that we would “reject this”?!?

          Strange also your next saying “So I left people who blaspheme the name bringing curses!” Where do we balspheme the name. We could partly agree by our need to use the English most used name “Jesus”, because we also would prefer to use the other name, but than we would miss the boat and miss a lot of people who look for more information about the Jesus which is meant to be spoken off.

          You’re question “Why do you break the seven day commandment?” is answered by looking at the Royal Commandment, and our opinion that we do not at all break with tha seventh day commandmandment bu let people know that each one is born on another day and as such has another sevent day in his life. Also we recommend people to have a Sabbath, but this in line with the Judaic Sabbath which is not equal with the Saturday of the Gregorian calendar, but from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset. Also for leaving the fields free every sevent year we recommend this, but also there that Sabbath shall be different for each field.


        2. Dear Graig Scott and Elvis (who both have either computer problems or Christadelphian issues), I do not understand why you think Christadelphians would not keep the Sabbath as a day people may come to praise the Elohim. Or why you think they would not keep to the Torah.

          Never where or are we forbidden to keep our weekly nor other special sabbath(s) and Judaic festivals, like Sukkoth or Pesach.
          We have the pleasure to be able to celebrate each year 14 Nisan, the last supper of Jeshua with several Christadelphian groups who also have the Passover celebrations. As such they do keep to the Torah and the God given task to remember until eternity the exodus of Egypt.

          That they use the name of Jesus Christ, of which I do agree is a wrong name, like all the other names of prophets and Biblical figures, has more to do with the culture and the language spoken in those regions where they are active, Perhaps they are still afraid to come to use the real Biblical names, though I think more that because the Hebrew names are being too difficult for them to pronounce that they stick also to the general English names, or the names in their mother tongue, used in the appropriate countries, so that they also can reach the people living in those countries, more easily.

          I also notice you use partly old and partly new spelling and as such use the Y in the names, but in modern spelling, this is presented with a J. Language progresses and with the changes in the language we have to follow the spelling rules of the times. As such we use now a ‘u’ where there was written in the past centuries a ‘v’. In language one also has to be consequent; You cannot use different spellingforms in one text. Either you have to write all your text in old spelling and for example should write Yehowah instead of Jehovah (but not Yehovah like some do). As such Yahushua, Yehoshua, Yeshua in contemporary spelling would be Jehoshua or Jeshua.


        3. Craig Scott, as well as Elvis

          Circumcision is one part of the old Mosaic Law. We never said such a thing that you would be “wrong for following a stupid law!!”, because first of all the Law of Moses is not at all stupid and secondly everybody is free to choose which law he or she wants to follow.

          At this site is pointed out that people should be very careful by saying one has to follow this or that law, and by saying they should follow the Mosaic Law, this will include circumcision and as such when a person says one has to follow the Mosaic Law that person when a male has to be circumcised. Because nobody can exclude just one part of the law like it soots him or her. — We get the impression you want to have other people following your idea that they may not break the “seven day commandment” but may break the Covenant commandment of circumcision, like you seem to do (when you are not circumcised. — (By the way do you know that all the Jeshuaist and Christadelphian Jews are circumcised, keep not only the weekly but also the other sacred sabbaths and Jewish holidays.) We do not know in which way you keep those God given set apart days. In any case we have never seen you on one of our 14 Nisan meetings!. Hopefully, you shall keep that most important day of the year also as your most important day (?!?).—

          It is unbelievable that you keep going on that we would say you may not have a Sabbath service whilst many of us celebrate the Sabbath. And they do that not on a certain moment of the day that would not fall into the sabbath, like some Messianics and Sabbatarians do.
          We also find it strange that you claim to have been a Christadelphian but would not know that a Christadelphian uses every day to praise God and that they present their Breaking of the Bread on several days of the week, and as such as well on the Sabbath as on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or any other day. We and other Christadelphians, Christadelphian Bible Students and Jeshuaists in Belgium and Germany, for example, present a Sabbath service (Friday evening and/or Saturday afternoon before sunset), Sunday morning, Sunday afternoon, Tuesday evening and Wednesday evening service.

          Nowhere in scripture is stated that it would be wrong to worship God on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. All Jews also use those days to worship God. Christ Jesus also went to the temple on other days than the Sabbath to worship God. For him too the Sabbath was not the only moment to worship God.

          You also write “Rabbi yuahshuah moshiach of Nazareth Taught his followers to follow Hebrew Torah yet you reject this! ” but did not yet a reply on the question where we would ever have said not “to follow Hebrew Torah” or where we would “reject this” Thorah! Clearly, you do not seem to know much about Christadelphian teachings which clearly indicate that we must give a lot of attention to the Old Writings or Old Testament. The Old Testament makes a main part of our readings. (You should know those “daily Bible readings” if you grew up in a Christadelphian family.)

          Several Christadelphian groups in their writings on several platforms let people know how important the Torah is and how we should follow the commandments of God. so we do not know where you get your accusation from that we should reject the Torah.

          You also write “blaspheme the name bringing curses” wanting people to believe that we blaspheme and that we would curse the Name of our Highest Elohim. Again such an accusation let us think you did not belong to a Christadelphian community, but want to blacken them. We try to use every opportunity to let the real names of God and His son to be known. We do our utmost best to have people come to know the Real Name of the Elohim Hashem Jehovah and want them to see that Jesus is not God but the son of the Adonai Whose sacred Name is Jehovah. Please look at this site concerning the Name of God but also look at our ecclesia site and other Christadelphian sites.

          May we also tell you that to blacken or to tell wrong facts or lies about some one is also not allowed or not considered right by the Torah, so may we advise you to be very careful when you blacken or taut us.


      2. Gentlemen :
        Sorry for the delay my laptop fried in the repair shop now lol.
        All those who worship on Sunday wrong day praying to God wrong name in the name of Jesus Christ wrong name are spiritually dead and blind
        Why are you breaking the seven day commandment which brings curse of death !!
        Rabbi yashuah moshoach taught his followers to adhere to Hebrew Torah yet you reject Hebrew Torah so I left after thirty five years.


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